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Who We Are

Azamino Chapel gathering

July 2020

Azamino Chapel service

April 2023

Our History

Azamino Chapel is a church committed to knowing God’s Word (loving the gospel) and glorifying God through our daily lives (living the gospel). We grow through the teaching of God’s Word, gathering together (fellowship), praying together, and singing together the glories of God and His Son, Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Azamino Chapel began gathering in 2020 and is a daughter church of Denen Grace Church (started in 2001).

Our church belongs to the Conservative Baptist Union. The Conservative Baptist Union is a Protestant (Evangelical) church organization of about 80 churches.


Azamino Chapel is a Protestant Evangelical Christian church. We are not associated with the Unification Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, or any religious cult organizations.

Azamino Chapel Leadership

Justin and Lindsay Mitchell

Justin & Lindsay Mitchell

Lead Church Planters

Alissa Bauer

Alissa Bauer

Associate Church Planter

Jeff and Malia Walker

Jeff & Malia Walker

Associate Church Planters

Denen Grace Church family

Denen Grace Family

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