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Next Steps

Walking with Christ

Next Steps is a resource designed to help Christians grow in their Christian walk. Though you can study this material on your own it is recommended that you study Next Steps with a group. This resource can also be used by you to help guide a new Christian in your life.

  1. 弟子となる Discipleship LINK

  2. 愛 Love LINK

  3. 祈り Prayer LINK

  4. 聖書 Bible LINK

  5. 礼拝 Worship LINK

  6. 教会 Church LINK

  7. 献金 Offering LINK

  8. 家族 Family LINK

  9. 奉仕 Service LINK

  10. 勤勉 Work LINK

  11. 攻撃 Opposition LINK

  12. いのち Life LINK

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